So here goes.  A blog post from me.  It may not seem like much for many of you, but for me this majorly counts as PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE and is deeply uncomfortable. You see, I have avoided putting myself out there at all costs for most of my life. If I was to write an autobiography for my life to date it would be titled ‘Beneath the parapet: how to stay there and not get noticed”.  But I have chosen to rewrite the story. I HAVE to rewrite the story to get the ending I want. And this is going to take commitment and courage, and perhaps 100 mediocre blog posts (thank you for reading this far). You see, you can’ t set up a business as a life and career coach without letting people know you are there.  And you can’t spend your days telling your clients to step out of their comfort zones without doing so yourself. So here I am, stranded without a life-raft, my comfort zone a distant speck on the horizon.  But it feels ok, because in doing this I am honouring a commitment I have made to myself to find my voice and use it to take up space, help others and promote causes I feel passionate about.  Publishing this will no doubt require some courage – pushing through a fear always does – but I have undertaken a full risk assessment analysed this from all angles and I am 99% sure it won’t kill me or anyone I love. On that basis, I am labelling this a false fear. 5,4,3,2,1 here goes..