Success Stories

My coaching sessions started at a time when I was facing some key changes – an imminent redundancy at work combined with a desire to try and achieve a better work-life balance in order to spend more time with my children and, in particular, support my daughter who has some special needs and her transition through the 11+ process. Coaching provided me support through these times and allowed me to exit work on my (rather than the company’s) terms. The strategies that Henrietta provided allowed me to re-assess the way I wanted to work going forward and factor in the time to allow me to make key decisions. Without the support of coaching I am not sure that I would be in the position that I am now – contracting rather than working full time, on a flexible basis, having agreed time off work as needs to support my daughter and near the end of the 11+ process. Henrietta was fantastic at working with me to allow me to make key decisions where I had previously been stuck in a cycle of indecision. It was so helpful to have someone independent of family and friends to discuss areas of challenge and to be able to move forward. The strategies I have learnt are ones which I can apply going forward. Coaching has been invaluable to me and I would absolutely recommend both Henrietta and coaching for anyone who feels a bit stuck and needs some help in re-defining personal goals and moving forward.

Emma H, London

Henrietta helped me gain clarity and perspective on what was the best career decision for me on returning to work after a years maternity leave. My sessions with Henrietta gave me the confidence to ask for what I wanted and to be more focused on what I needed. Henrietta never impacted my decisions but helped me reach my own conclusions through great questions and conversation. I have a much better work life balance and am very happy in my career now and I have Henrietta largely to thank for this. She will make an excellent career coach.

Mimi, London

Coaching has enabled me, primarily, to have a clearer picture of how to manage my own time and how to prioritise what is important for me to achieve in that time. Having examined several areas of my current life and seen how they overlap it was necessary to separate them to look closer at what was working well and what needed changing, and then come up with methods that meant they could all work together again more harmoniously. I have found that doing this with Henrietta meant that I had to answer questions about myself and my working methods that I would never have previously considered relevant or important, and as a result it has opened up a clearer way of thinking and applying myself to what I do. Secondly, Henrietta has helped me enormously to have confidence in my decisions and to have more self-belief. That in turn has meant that I am achieving more as I don’t question or doubt every decision and don’t feel so guilty about things. Lastly I have approached the new year with a new sense of purpose and happiness and I feel that working with a life coach such as Henrietta has been the catalyst for my vastly improved mental state.

Emma D, London

I had worked with my last company for 20 years, since I graduated from university. I made the big decision to leave and to take 6 months to consider my next career move. I was looking for a life coach to help me focus and Henrietta was personally recommended to me. After talking with her, I knew I found someone who I could really work with.

A life coach helps you find your own solutions. Henrietta was brilliant in helping me to articulate why I left my old role and what I was now seeking. She provided a safe space I could honestly discuss my motivations and fears. Henrietta has a calm manner that often picked up insights from what I was saying, those lightbulb moments that were instrumental as I explored my options.

Henrietta was incredibly supportive as I went to my first interviews in decades and helping me realise that I still “had it”. So now, I am in a new role in a completely new sector and really enjoying this next step in my career journey. If you are facing key next steps and would like some help, I would highly recommend working with Henrietta.

F Cross, London