Henrietta Nelson


Are you successful in your professional life but want to feel more fulfilled?
Do you instinctively feel you have more to give but need help in working out precisely what that is?
Do you have thoughts whirring round your head like a tangled spool of thread?
Are you ready to be honest - with yourself and those around you?
Are you fearful about taking the next steps towards realising your true potential?

If the answers to any of the above questions are ‘yes‘ you have something in common with me and my career and personal coaching clients. We work together to untangle the thread and then devise a strategy to create changes which fit with their life and their values.

As your personal career coach or life coach, I will partner you to find clarity, make important choices and take the necessary steps to achieve what you want. It may be that you’re not yet clear on what you want in which case we will need to delve a bit deeper into who you are and what you stand for before getting to that stage.

I typically work with people who are at a career or life crossroads either through choice or as a result of a change imposed on them.  They are often highly successful individuals who feel stuck or unfulfilled in their lives or career. The majority of my coaching takes place online over zoom.

How would we work together?

If you are interested in finding out more and you would like to get a feel for what working with me might be like, we can arrange a no strings 60-90 minute coaching session. My gift to you.

Having looked for a coach to help me with my confidence I found Henrietta who helped me remember the skills that had gotten me this far in my career to date. I found Henrietta very personable and found myself telling her things that I hadn’t really spoken to anyone about for a long time. She was also very intuitive about things I was thinking and would often ask questions as if she could read my mind. Henrietta challenged my thinking a lot (at my request) and helped me put myself into situations that I felt were uncomfortable. Knowing I had agreed to them made me follow through on my actions. The impact on me has been to help remind myself how resourceful I am and remind me of all the strategies that I have used in the past when in difficult situations. I enjoyed my sessions and would go back to Henrietta if I needed any more coaching.


My coaching experience was so much more than I ever thought it would be. I found the whole process, from beginning to end, fascinating and thought provoking, and I really believe that it has changed the way that I think for life.

Henrietta helped me to understand not only the importance of setting goals, but the importance of breaking my goals down to make them achievable and realistic. She also helped me realise I can learn just as much from the things that I did not achieve.

The progress that I made during my coaching process is clear; I am more confident and I have a new awareness of the way that I work, the way that my mind works and the way that I think. I can now identify when things might be going wrong and I can try to break the cycle.

A, London